Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Always ask for seconds of Sunshine!

Today was a smashing success!  Thank you, Thank you to everyone who came and supported The Sunshine Stand.  The kiddos were on cloud nine all morning.

We have had a lot of people ask for better directions.

Directions to The Sunshine Stand:
Higley Rd East on Warner South at Cooley Park. We will be at the main park and pool area South on Benjamin.  

Three excited kids may or may not be flagging you down. 

We will be there the rest of the week Thursday-Saturday


  1. this is amazing!
    if I was in any sort of reasonable distance I would just HAVE to come by.
    I simply cannot wait to do this one day with my little lady.
    good luck on the sunshine sales ;)

  2. OH my goodness! you guys did an amazing job on the lemonade stand! something they can remember forever!! love it